Thursday, May 29, 2014

101 in 1001

To start off this new blogging adventure and our new adventure in life, we wanted to challenge ourselves.  I actually saw the idea on this blog and fell in love.  The idea comes from dayzero, a community of challenge based individuals.  Ben and I tend to stay at home and enjoy our Netflix nights.  Hopefully this challenge will push us to do a bit more in the next 1001 days and even more after that.

Our first big adventure as married people - San Diego May 2014

As we accomplish our goals, I will be updating the list.

Official start date: May 29th, 2014
Official end date: February 23rd, 2017

1. Buy a house
2. Have a baby
3. Grad school - for both of us!
4. Grow a garden - vegetable and flower
5. Adopt a dog
6. Host a dinner party
7. Take a vacation to the Bahamas
8. Get to our goal weights and maintain them
9. Buy a banjo
10. Host Thanksgiving again
11. Make all Christmas presents given
12. Buy and kayak - and use it a TON
13. Take scuba diving lessons
14. Take 10 trips to places we've never been
15. Complete the ColorRun again
16. Join a gym
17. Read at least 20 books each
18. Okay the lotto, just once
19. Get passports - Ben needs his updated, I just need one
20. Start a small business
21. Cook through a complete cookbook
22. Learn how to make creme brulee
23. Take one portrait every month
24. Fill our treasure shelf to the brim
25. Re-cover/dye sofa
26. Fancy dinner for our 1 year anniversary
27. Fancier dinner for our 2 year anniversary
28. Bake one thing from scratch every month
29. Go geocaching
30. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail
31. Paint pottery together
32. Visit a spa together
33. Re-read Harry Potter
34. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
35. Scrapbook our wedding
36. Save up enough money to buy a new car outright
37. Attend a Cirque du Soleil show
38. Get High Museum membership
39. Get tattoos together
40. Attend a Georgia Southern football game
41. Attend the Georgia/Georgia Tech football game
42. Build a fire pit
43. Go deep sea fishing
44. Have a Star Wars movie marathon
45. Build a blanket fort
46. Build a tree house
47. Weave a rug
48. Sleep on the beach
49. Go sailing
50. Host a game night
51. Visit St. Louis
52. Camp at the Black River
53.  Join an intramural sports team
54. Continue to coach soccer
55. Build wall to wall bookshelves
56. Go to a Braves game
57. Go to a Falcons game
58. Go tubing in Helen
59. Shoot the Hooch
60. Stay at the King and Keith House again
61. Attend the Dogwood Festival
62. Go to Decatur for the 4th of July fireworks
63. Go to Lenox for the lighting of the Christmas tree
64. Attend Relay for Life
65. Learn how to make 10 new cocktails
66. Camp at Cumberland
67. Clean out our closet/donate at least 4 times a year
68. Visit 5 large flea markets
69. Go for a walk once a week
70. Attend a show at the Fox Theater
71. Take a dance class together
72. Go mountain biking
73. Bike the beltline
74. Buy bikes!
75. Eat a salad five times a week
76. Host a wine-tasting event
77. Brew our own beer
78. Throw a Halloween party
79. Buy a new computer
80. Join a neighborhood swimming pool
81. Create Andy Goldworthy art!
82. Visit Stone Mountain at Christmas
85. Hang Christmas lights
86. Own chickens and build a coop
87. Visit Harry Potter World
88. Visit Disney World
89. Learn how to make macaroons
90. Stargaze in the dessert
91. Visit Joshua Tree Forest
92. Take a cross country trip
93. Go berry picking
94. Visit Zion National Park
95. Bake our own bagels
96. Sing karaoke
97. Art journal our vacations
98. Build a good snowman
99. Make stew/soup for winter
100. Make a piece of art together
101. Camp with our family more often

Each accomplished goal will get its own blog post. We are really looking forward to all of the adventures ahead of us!  In fact, we are headed off to St. George, Utah tomorrow to mark some of these off our list!

Hope you will stick around for the adventures!
- Liz

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